Our Pizza

The Whytewold Emporium is known for our excellent pizza!

We use fresh quality produce and a special blend of low fat mozzarella on thin crust pizza dough. And for those with gluten sensitivities, we also serve delicious gluten-free pizza, available in 10” size. As well, our *NEW* Cauliflower Crust is available in 10 “ size.


What do our customers say?...

"Amazing Pizza!"

Whytewold Emporium fire roasted Drunken Chicken pizza is amazing. We loved it...great crust and infusions of taste distinctions.

    — Raymond L, Gimli
        TripAdvisor review

"Super Delish Pizza"

Supper at Whytewold Emporium last night. Their Village pizza is super delicious!

    — Shel Zockewich,
        Twitter review